Holidays Are Getting Close! Don’t Let Them Be A Money Nightmare!

Finally, it’s time for holidays, like thousands of others. Hey, you’re already lucky for having made it there in one piece after a long flight. But then, you realize your flight was massively delayed without any sort of compensation, your car rental reservation was cancelled without a refund. Your hotel is way more expensive than any other hotel around, when your price comparison website told you the exact opposite. What’s more, it is totally different from the pictures than what was shown on the brochure. And there we go again: ruined holidays, and you got borderline scammed your money… The crazy part is that such a thing happens to hundreds of thousands tourists every year. What could you have done to prevent that, or at least fix it?

Here are the four most common problems and what can be done to seek redress:


First of all, not a lot of passengers know that they are entitled to meals, transport and accommodation if something’s wrong with their flight! In fact, under the EC Regulation 261, if your flight arrives more than three hours late and you end up being stranded at an airport, you know what’s left to do.

What’s more, under certain circumstances, you’ll likely be eligible for a refund. In fact, the minimum compensation can be the triple of the price of your ticket! Let the airlines honor their obligations. If they made you late on due to their lack of organization, it’s their problem, get the refund you deserve. 

Not sure if the length of the delay entitles you to claim? Simply use an online flight checker. Don’t sign up blindly to them without doing a bit of research beforehand though: some of those that require your personal details might be signing you up without you knowing to a claims company.  

Of course, if the airline contests your claim or doesn’t respond, check out the Civil Aviation Authority, who offers dispute resolution. If that fails make your case through Money Claims Online.

Car rental

Plan ahead in order to not get ripped-off! In your booking details, add your flight number onto there even if marked as optional. You’ll just take a few more minutes for your order, but could prevent yourself from losing hundreds. It will provide you instant proof of how the delay not your mistake, and that that you shouldn’t be the one compensating the car rental company.

They might try adding a ton of extra charges over unexplained damage or other reasons. State that you are paying “under protest” and attempt to reclaim your lost money. You can do that by addressing to your credit card issuer via section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.


You get to the hotel or resort you’ve been waiting for. But the brochure turned out to be a complete fake. Please know you should be protected by the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulation 2018!

If you still don’t get your compensation, your country’s travel association or company can make legally help you solve the whole problem. 

Price comparison websites

Use your comparison website only to get a general idea of what the prices around there should be. Directly contact the hotel or place you’ll be staying for payment. Never via a third party or you won’t be covered by section 75! If you then try to contact them and get refunded, they’ll simply refer you to the hotel and say they’re not responsible for this. The hotel will however send you right back to the price comparison website. And there you are, pretty screwed facing all the money you got stolen.

In conclusion, always be prepared for the worse, even if it’s a short trip that seems riskless. Some will always try to make profit out of people’s ignorance. Don’t get tricked as well, have a safe trip and enjoy your holidays!  

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